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About Us

Smart Way Business Solutions was founded in Amman-Jordan, in September 2012 to provide software, accounting and hosting services to the private sector in the MENA region and around the world with a team that treasures both the small company and the large corporation.

We have built Smart Way with the goal and purpose to develop successful cutting-edge business and software solutions. We aim to build solutions that will truly serve our clients.

Our Mission

To provide affordable yet enterprise-grade open-source business solutions to SMEs.

Our Vision

Empower & equip organizations with the right tools to unleash their growth potential.


Empowering ‘out of the box’ thinkers combined with an exemplary work ethic to produce high grade quality services for our client’s ultimate satisfaction.


Smart Way believes in simple, easy to use solutions which will enable you to focus more on growing your business.

500+ Odoo Custom Modules designed and developed by Smart Ways team to help companies in growing their businesses.

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​Tearing Down Boundaries

Over the course of 11 years, we have successfully completed more than 130 projects, honing our skills in implementing Odoo and becoming proficient in understanding the requirements of businesses in the Middle East.  We have achieved mastery in seamlessly integrating Odoo with various enterprises.

We adopt an adhocracy-like organizational structure because we think it maximizes value production; additionally, We believe that fostering a culture of continuous progress and innovation acts as a catalyst for exceptional ideas and achievements. The essence of Smart Way Business Solutions revolves around empowering individuals to think imaginatively and resourcefully when seeking simple and effective solutions.

Odoo is a brilliant and elegant platform, but it is also a complex web of intertwined relationships that is very demanding and challenging to understand. Odoo is most definitely worthwhile because nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.

It's impossible to put into words how it feels when we create a solution for a client that not only solves their problem but also benefits them in a genuine way.

There are so many ways to use ERP software and because Smart Way Business Solutions has an unquenchable appetite for advancement, development, and improvement, we never stop learning in our line of work.

Our Workforce

The only asset a software company tends to have is its workforce! The people!

Unfortunately for a long time, Odoo and the ERP community in general have experienced a lack in that aspect especially in the Middle East yet, nowadays we are witnessing an amazing growth of experience after long years of dedication, hard work, and partnership.

While it is difficult to find people with adept skills in this field, we have been lucky enough to have found gems to work with. We are always looking to improve our workforce and are constantly looking for ways to sharpen our own skills.

User Experience Leaders

Smart Way is currently expanding its reach and influence across the Middle East and has started breaking through to the e-Commerce aspect of the business, which includes developing and selling applications for Odoo on various platforms.

Odoo has mastered the balance of incredible UX and UI while offering one of the broadest spectrums of business applications on the market.

They created a platform that focuses on flexibility in various business copes with an interface that is more vibrant and lively than any other ERP system.

Our References