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A Chapter from UBCC

UBCC – More than just a bookstore.

Universal Books Creative Curriculum was founded in 1995, led by Mr. Osama Qasem, a majority stakeholder in the company. With the primary focus of providing state of the art books and resources to the universities in Jordan and since then has become a market leader in Jordan.

Is there anything more honest than a business selling books? The passion for the written word is one of the biggest motivators for UBCC. Preserving books is preserving heritage. 

It's a very tough business. They face struggles on all fronts, while their main competition isn’t even another bookselling company, but the idea of purchasing books itself. 

With the progression of the educational system and the abundance of online resources educational books have fallen off the market, these vast improvements have thereby affecting UBCC's previously saturated market.

While UBCC has improved its resources of online material and e-Books, they remain one of the final 'defenders' for printed books. UBCC has to combat the overwhelmingly negative opinions of books and try to show that the printed word is sacred; the feel of a hardback in your hands, being engaged effortlessly and completely into the pages of a novel. Now that’s compelling!  

Mr. Osama, a passionate reader with an entrepreneurial heart and the means to spread his love for books needed a platform to support his claim and wanted an all-encompassing ERP system that could:

  1. Generate accurate and on-the-spot reports that gave a snapshot of the business. 

  2. Mold with their complex workflow.

  3. Be integrated with online services that provided book details. 

  4. Host their Website and e-Commerce.

  5. Grow and evolve along with their business. 

  6. Be secure from external attacks and data loss. 

The Search Begins!!

UBCC began its search for ERP systems and unfortunately migrated from system to system due to security weaknesses and external attacks. Most of the local systems that they used were vulnerable to external threats, which is when Mr. Qasem decided to take the initiative and build their own internal system. They knew that they needed to find a better, more stable long-term solution.

That’s when Mr. Osama found Smart Way Business Solutions, he started his Odoo journey with a POS & Inventory on a separate database on Odoo v8. He loved it so much that he decided that it was time for a change. 

With this new hunger for Odoo, UBCC began its full implementation of Odoo v11 while working on its old system. UBCC now uses Odoo to manage every aspect of its business. 

With the new abilities of his new platform, Mr. Osama knew it was time to expand his market to online sales and e-Commerce, a chance for them to beat the negative mindsets around books. 

Working with Odoo has allowed UBCC to focus more on the important things, confident that their foundation was safe in the hands of Odoo and Smart Way Business Solutions. This confidence created the perfect atmosphere for that entrepreneurial spirit to theorize new innovative ways to attract customers and build a community. 

Maybe buying printed books is considered primitive, but UBCC is utilizing its system to perfection and is no stranger to technology. 

UBCC Website

In the mood for a good read?

Check out UBCC HERE!

A Chapter from UBCC
Adnan Bayoun 14 January, 2019
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