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It seems like eons ago when Smart Way Business Solutions was but a kernel of what it is now. Starting as a one-man show scrambling to provide the best quality software in the MENA region, evolving to a well-oiled machine.

There are many significant points in our company’s timeline, many we could even call turning points; however none so glaringly remarkable as our successful partnership with Odoo.

We have worked for many years without being direct partners with Odoo, we always thought that the relationship would be one-sided. However, our endeavor was sparked by the thirst for growth and the abundance of opportunities in our seemingly unreachable market.

We then knew it was time to make a change, so we started studying the meaning of an “Odoo Partnership”. As a software company, we understood the importance of knowledge sharing; the missing piece of your puzzle doesn’t always come from the same box, and through our research, we found that there was no one better to solve puzzles with than the game makers themselves. 

Striking our partnership deal has been the most impactful relationship we have started, and we’re not just talking about the cool partner logo. Odoo has developed a way to rate its partners on a scale, highlighting the needed points of improvement required to ascend the staircase of prosperity. 

This allowed us to identify our weaknesses and bolster our strengths. With one eye towards plugging our holes, we have propelled ourselves into a new era of internal advancement. By nitpicking our new team members with people that will correctly fill the crevasse we suffered from; we have rectified the error of our ways. 

So, we started expanding our knowledge base and extending our reach. Whether it be adding applications to the odoo app store mind-sharing issues with other partners, or even providing charitable contributions to the Odoo community whether it be financial or informational. One of the sponsors of Odoo Arabia organization.

We aim to further our impact on the Odoo community and to grow further than what we have. We are pleased with the progress we have made, and thank you all for being a part of our journey.

Odoo Strategic Alliances
Safaa Shalhoub October 30, 2018
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