The Ultimate Experience

Our Odoo 2019-Experience Journey

Safaa Shalhoub

This is long overdue. We, for the first time in over 7 years implementing Odoo and after more than 65 projects have finally made it to Odoo’s home town and finally attended the renowned Odoo Experience event!

A memoir of Smart Way’s trip to Belgium to witness & participate in Odoo 13’s Experience Days. Never has an event been so adequately named; what a wonderful experience. 

    We could say that the experience is divided into two main segments: 

    • The event & the awesome people.

    • The major & paramount v13 release notes.

    ...Oh & let's not forget, there’s also the food, UN-BE-LIEV-ABLE!!!

    While we can all get behind an amazing upgrade full of exciting changes; it was really the people and locale that shaped the event.

    Not only did our hosts put on an amazing show at the BBQ event & the World Buffet Nights, but the entire event was also organized in a way that optimized & increased socialization among attendees. Booths were set up by Odoo to answer any queries anyone could have & they made you feel so at home. 

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          The networking we did there was unparalleled, making friends & alliances that we project to last for a lifetime.

          We finally got the chance to put a face to many-a-employee from Odoo whom we’ve collaborated with in the past and had the opportunity to share some of our ideas with the right people in order for us all to make a better Odoo. 

          Driven by a team of professional perfectionists, the sessions were extremely well laid out with great topics that ranged from Technical sessions about Odoo’s framework all the way to Business sessions helping business owners make crucial decisions. 
          Odoo has made amazing breakthroughs with v13, whether it be with performance (v13 being 4 times faster than v12) or the new applications of Rent Management, Field Service Management & Social Media Management. Covering all the basics of the industries providing Odoo & its partners with untapped potential in the market & a fighting chance against other ERP systems. 

                Don't forget to check out the Release notes if you stil haven't or watch their recorded sessions on Youtube!

                Odoo 13 Release Notes

                Odoo's Youtube Channel

                You can reach out to us in case you need a demo or have any inquiries about the amazing business sweet of Odoo!

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