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Adnan Bayoun

“The effects of specialization is such a broad concept that it touches upon almost everything in our daily life...” says Rufus Franck, founder of Consultants 500. 

So what are the effects of specialization? Here are the five reasons Forbes Magazine states businesses are specializing for

“Better Value Proposition” 

Which means you can offer services or products or higher value for your clients. 

“Higher Conversions” 

More likely to get customers that need you for your service.

“Smaller Learning Curve” 

Which means that most things that need learning will be related to each other.

“Higher Perception of Authority” 

You become the authority figure of the market, people will take your word as law.


“Better Networking”

Better and more centralized social circles. Targeted marketing.

Smart Way realizes the advantages of verticality and specialization and has specialized in Middle Eastern Odoo. With over 50 successful projects implementations in various industries in the Middle East, Smart Way has been become an iconic ERP implementer in the market with a vast knowledge of Middle Eastern business practices and an enormous repository of ready made formidable, first-rate businesses solutions. 

The large amount of experience has rendered Smart Way as professional consultants of Middle Eastern businesses and practices. 

With Odoo at the core, Smart Way has carried out projects all through the GCC and other Arabian countries. Projects that manifested incredible and stellar breakthroughs in the below Business Apps

Human Resources


Accounting & Finance


Inventory Management


Sales Management


Purchase Management


With tide-shifting breakthroughs in HR we have mastered the art of Human Resource management and have ready-made solutions for all GCC & Lebanon countries with a focus on Qatar, KSA and UAE practices. Tackling all underlying concerns of complicated and multi-layered HR requirements and issues that you currently face. 

While the Middle East follows the GAAP, there are a few unorthodox accounting needs that are legally required by the state, which are also country specific. Smart Way’s repositories blanket the accounting department for the Middle East, all the way from country specific Chat of Accounts to Post Dated Cheques (PDC) with an awe-inspiring reservoir of solutions tailored to the Middle Eastern market. 

Inventory, sales and purchasing taken to the next level while tackling industry needs vertically. Extensive experience has propelled Smart Way to come up with simple, easy-to-use and effective solutions that add dynamic features to Odoo while maintaining core functionalities. 

Smart Way understands your needs. With solutions that resonate at the very essence of your business, do things the right way, the Smart Way.

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