Triumph over Silence

Communication is the key to personal and career success. - Paul J. Meyer

One of the most important aspects of a relationship is effective and continuous communication. The importance of this key pillar translates into businesses even more so. It’s hard enough for two people to be on the same page, let alone an entire organization that works as one entity. 

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” - George B. Shaw. Studies prove that one of the top 5 reasons a business will fail is due to poor communication. Employees scrambling to find information before a meeting, inability to contact and reply to all your customers, taking too long to find accurate information to relay to associates and customers. Leading to missed opportunities, dissatisfied clients, and an unorganized entity. 

Although communication isn’t the most common reason for business failure, it’s the biggest reason companies will invest in ERP systems,  as per studies from Having a centralized, easy-to-access information base as well as organized communication channels with customers and colleagues are probably the most attractive feature of ERP systems.

Odoo IMS, Discuss & Chatter

A fact not known to most people, but not Odoo. With IM system (Instant Messaging) and conversation channels, along with their chatter feature allowing you to communicate with customers or colleagues on any document in the system is one of the strongest and most appealing features in Odoo.   

A centralized net of communications with a fully integrated work flow enabling quick and easy access of any piece of information with one-click sharing with whomever you want. 

With over 15 years of experience, Odoo has successfully designed communication channels that resurrect the spirit of teamwork and collaboration, propelling businesses into a new era of productivity and success. 

Communicate, acclimate, elevate. 

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Transcend yourself into the new age of communication and collaboration. 

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Triumph over Silence
Adnan Bayoun January 8, 2019
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