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What's up Odoo's Sleeve?

Odoo 13 Road-map & Expected Features

Even though the excitement trail of releasing Odoo 12 last October is still high on the run, the release of Odoo 13 is already upon us. In less than 3 months, Odoo 13 will grace us with a new awesome pool of features to make running a business and partnering even easier. 

You may own a piece of info or have formed a certain understanding or an opinion of what it is, which means it’s meaningful to you yet that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can communicate it to other people just like that! Odoo, always ‘thriving for simplicity on the other side of complexity’ through translating what is often considered complex ideas into an easy to grab concepts, are bringing us new and clean-cut features to suit the business market even more.

Let's jog our memories a bit and check out what we are in for Odoo 13's release in October:

  • A new search panel can be added to all pages on Kanban View

  • Ability to edit fields on the List View

  • Checklists are now supported by the HTML Editor

  • You can use newly added activity types and requests when scheduling an activity, such as 'Upload Document' 

  • A new module called 'HR Skills' has been added to manage employee resume, experience, education and skills

  • Easily Open the Groups, Access Rights Lists and Record Rules by clicking the newly added smart buttons in Users form view

  • Employees can login to their designated Point of Sale session instead of only as a User which will help in system cost reduction

  • A User can view their profile from 'My Profile' option

  • 'Leaves' module has been renamed into 'Time Off'

  • Numerous Updates in Sales:

    • Cleaner column labels 

    • Smart product configuration tool on "Add a product"

    • Ability to choose which fields you would like to use in the SO

    • Advanced fields have become optional (Delivery Lead Time, Cost, Route, Analytic tag)

Odoo CMS - a big picture

 And not to forget some changes and additions to Odoo 13's Enterprise version in specific such as the following:

  • Manage refunds, returns, coupons, and repairs directly from your Helpdesk tickets and  integrate your support teams with Sales, Accounting, Project, and Warehouse departments

  • You can Generate and print return labels for all carriers on the portal

  • If you think you don't have enough leads, then just press 'Generate Leads' and request them as an In-App-Purchase service

  • No need for an external scanner anymore! Scan barcodes with your smartphone's camera to quickly search products or to process inventory operations.

Another awesome new module called 'Field Service Management' has been added to Odoo's Enterprise eddition to help you plan and manage tasks per user and project, schedule and track onsite operations, invoice time and material.

A smart move by Odoo to enhance user experience as well is having a 'Lazy Load/Asynchronous' approach for java-script files. Meaning that some scripts can be loaded simultaneously which gives the advantage of not slowing the page down.  

Odoo has always adopted the approach of reducing the time needed to spend on all activities so that people can really focus on what matters when it comes to developing new features and properties. They want everything to be more focused and guided towards specific designations. They aspire to provide flexibility where needed and to improve the quality and the efficiency of their and everyone's business. In 2018 Odoo's Experience Event in Belgium, the following features to be were the talk of the event as they represented how complexity can be adopted and forged into something available to assist and serve every business and partner in the best possible ways. 

Odoo Bank

Odoo loaning out some credit for In Apps Purchases. No cash flow, no problem. 

In Apps Purchases

You will get the ability to purchase services directly from your Odoo database, connect with 3rd party vendors and share information with them which saves your time.


Improved Optical Character Recognition which assists in importing scanned documents onto Odoo but still being able to search for them in the system. Transforming a scanned image into characters. 

Accountant as a Service

Accounting, bookkeeping & auditing services directly from Odoo. A trained professional that can delve into your business without any system training period.

Internet of Things

Significant advances in the Internet of Things. Rumors of its application in stock management, live tracking & equipment maintenance.

Industry Focus

Magnifying the focus on ready-to-use solutions as it is the main concern of business industries. Industry pages for marketing Features, benefits, Customer References, tailored demo data, tailored setup per industry.

What's up Odoo's Sleeve?
Safaa Shalhoub 10 July, 2019
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