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Penal Sanctions

A Bit of Yin & Yang Never Hurts!

Justice is a relative term in its broadest context as it includes both the attainment of that which is just and the philosophical discussion of what is considered just. Justice may differ in application but most of its conclusions correspond. 
There are two types of motivation, positive and negative, and they are both faces of one coin when it comes to successful evolution, development, and attaining just & fortunate business growth. 

“Motivation can be defined as a willingness to expend energy to achieve a goal or reward,” said Dale Breachus without specifying which type of motivation he defined in the aforementioned words. It's clear that positivity and negativity are both needed in course development regardless of applied percentage. And it's clear that motivation is a key instigator behind every action taken to achieve certain goals.

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Human beings tend to move forward towards the pleasure of positive motivation, the first face of the coin, and while it leads to an environment of positivity, sometimes long-term goals related to this type of motivation might downsize actions into short-term ones with perhaps the addition of some violations.

Such downsize is why every now and then, negative motivation, the other face of the coin is needed to be applied to get the expected actions of employees back on track and to prevent violations from happening in the first place. 

Such motivation can be applied when you think about custom Odoo modules made by their own partners. One of these modules is Smart Way's "Penal Sanctions Management". A module that allows you to manage your employees' violations through a pre-set of sanctions. 

With our module, you gain the ability to impose penalties based on each employee violation separately and with the ability to categorize and edit different violations under different types with different penalties ranging from a  verbal or written warning to a salary deduction and even termination if push comes to shove.

Our module also adds a "Penal Sanctions" smart button on each employee profile for easier tracking. Another thing that makes tracking easier is the module's auto calculation of the employee's record of violations per type and category showing you how many times has a violation been committed and what is the suitable action to deal with such repetition. 

As mentioned before this is a module that allows you to apply the principle of 'Yen & Yang' at your work premises and at the same time track your need to do such a thing with the help of the other modules from Odoo integrated with it. It's a module that proves that empathy can be accompanied by all types of motivations (positive or negative) to secure growth on all levels. 


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Penal Sanctions
Safaa Shalhoub 26 February, 2019
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